What is Authentic Yoga?
It is a combination of
  • Shatkriya (Yogic cleansing procedures)
  • Chanting (loudly or silently particular mantra chanting to purify the energy)
  • Sukshma Asana (subtle physical movement with mindfulness)
  • Asana (physical body posture with balanced breathing technique)
  • Pranayama (Yogic Breathing techniques with/out Mantra)
  • Pratyahara (Techniques of withdrawal of senses)
  • Dharana (Techniques to improve the Concentration)
  • Dhyana (Techniques of going deep into Meditation)

With these practices one can easily get the physical, mental, emotional strength and feel the Calmness. Enjoy the bliss whilst working in stressful situations.

We have 2 options for Yoga Session :

1. Group Session
  • Session will be 45 min.
  • Four times a week
  • Morning or Evening times are available
  • You will learn general practices in group.
  • See the above information about Authentic Yoga combination.
2. Private 1 on 1 Session
  • Must book a consultation to understand individual needs.
  • Consultation for Yoga $90 for 60 min.
  • We’ll do an in depth interview
  • We’ll discuss your physical, mental and emotional issues and lifestyle.
  • We’ll suggest a 1 month Authentic Yoga plan as per your mind and body constitution.
  • Session will be 60 min.
  • Once a week
  • You will learn Specific practices of Authentic Yoga which will be suitable for your needs.
  • It will be designed as per the details you have passed during the consultation.

How to Join the Session?

Make a quick call on 0430208807 to book an appointment.

What are the benefits I get?

  • Life long effort is not enough to put it into practice.
  • Regular daily practices will allow you to experience the benefits.
  • Your mind and body reveal different things which you have never experienced before.
  • You can improve physical, mental and emotional strength.
  • You are able to gain concentration.
  • You will get amazing calmness, peacefulness and joy.
  • You will be able to work in the most stressful situation in a very effective way.

Can I do if I suffer from any Diseases?

It is very effective when someone is suffering from Autoimmune disorder (Asthma, Allergy or Infections), Back pain, Digestive problems (indigestion, constipation or IBS) and Heart Diseases. We recommend you to book a consultation before you join the session.

What do I need during the session?

  • A place where you can have strong wifi connection and a Computer or Laptop.
  • A clean, safe, warm and Comfortable Place
  • NO disturbance of Kids, Pets and Phone
  • Yoga mat (Cotton or wool material preferable which holds the energy)

How can I pay?

Our preferable mode of transaction is Bank transfer.

Full payment has to be made prior to conducting Consultation or Yoga Session.